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Toddlers Are Not Forever

Toddlers Are Not Forever

My daughter will turn 2 in 24 days. And I’ve found myself reflecting on some things. I realize that she’s growing up. FAST. And I need to soak up every second of who she is today before its gone. Because next week, next month, next year I will have a different child who will do different things and even as I now wish I could have one more toothless smile or one more baby giggle, soon I will wish for her to ask me to read to her and make me chase her across the house just one more time. And yes, she’ll do even more wonderful things in the future that I will eventually miss also. But for now, I’m definitely  treasuring these moments.

Moments such as….

This evening, as she was playing in the bath, when I was struck with how much she has grown. Her face is losing so much of its babyness and her eyes are deep and intellectual. She understands so much now and I’m having to learn to watch what I say (and do!) because she takes it all in. She’s an absolute sponge.

And how she’s starting to become her own person and she is working on her own will. This presents itself, of course, in her doing things I have specifically told her not to do. But if I watch closely, I can catch that look in her eyes as she does it. I can see that she is trying to understand the world and WHY there are things she cant do, especially when they are similar to things she can. And I admire her tenacity.

Toddlers Are Not Forever

Or even though she’s currently cutting all of her eye teeth (Yes. ALL of them. At once. Its been loads of fun.) and she’s been very clingy and crabby, I’m reminded that, for now, snuggles from Mama can fix anything. And I try to hold her just a little bit closer. I know it wont always be this way.

And physically I see her getting stronger. Every time I pick her up now, she reaches up and holds my neck tightly and wraps her legs around me. She’s even running faster every day. And learning to jump and actually get her feet off the ground. Its amazing to see her little body turn from a helpless baby to a strong and capable little girl.


She’s working on talking and its so strange to hear her use words. Just last night, she signed “dog” and then said “da!” and then she signed “kitty” and said “kee!” and she’s mastered Mama, Daddy, “tea” (Which she gleefully yells “teeeeeeeeeeeeeee” when Daddy makes tea to share with her. Its adorable!), and, of course, the ever useful word “no”. I’m absolutely amazed at her ability and desire to learn. To always do more, do better, never settle for the way things are.
Note: We taught her Baby Sign Language and she knows around 50 signs which has kind of delayed her desire to learn to speak because she has been able to communicate so well. Her pediatrician is aware and is not concerned.

And of course, there’s her heart. Soft and tender. She loves everyone and everything. She’s a wonderful “mama” to her dolly, is best friends with the dogs and is always making sure the cats are well taken care of. She’s a big helper with laundry, dishes, sweeping or even something small like bringing things in from the car. She gives all of herself every day. So loving. So devoted. So responsible. She makes me melt.

Toddlers Are Not Forever

I won’t lie, there are times she frustrates me. Yes, I get irritated and sometimes I even snap. But its not intentional. She’s not out to get me. She’s just drinking in the world at a rate that I, as an adult, cant keep up with. I wish I could be just half the person that my toddler is.

I’m going to try and remember to soak up those moments, the good and the bad. I want to etch them into my memory so I can pull them up later when I need to smile (or cry!) She’ll only be this way for a little while and then she’ll be “grown up” and I will wish for just one more toddler laugh, one more toddler hug, one more toddler kiss, or even just one more chance to wake up at 4am for some sweet toddler snuggles. <3

Toddlers Are Not Forever Babywearing her baby doll for a walk

What do you think? What sweet toddler moments are YOU going to miss? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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