Book Review: The Minimalist Way
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Book Review: The Minimalist Way

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When Erica Layne of The Life On Purpose Movement announced she had written a book, I pre-ordered as quick as I could! She is someone I deeply respect and her words always resonate with me. I had high hopes for her book and was hooked by the first chapter.

I thought the book was going to be about the usual minimalist stuff – you know, decluttering, living with less, maybe a capsule wardrobe. So I was quite surprised when it talks very little about those physical things and more about having a simplified life. Which, as we all know, is my favorite topic!

A Different Kind Of Minimalist Book

Erica manages to address the core of minimalism, which to her is actually not about having a certain number of items or a stark white home. She draws you in to the idea of a life of freedom – freedom from saying yes to everything, freedom to shed some of life’s chaos. She covers all areas of life from home life to finances and even time management. She helps you figure out what values are most important to you and she helps you apply those to the areas she covers.

Even though I already had high expectations for this book, I was completely blown away by it. I could have read the whole book in one sitting because I was so captivated but instead I found myself needing to chew and digest each chapter after I read it. I found spending a few days applying her words to my life brought incredible change.

Perfect Timing

Her book came at just the right time in my life when I was looking for this exact kind of growth. Of course, I am no stranger to simplicity and purposeful living, but I was transformed by this book. It really made me evaluate many areas in my life and I found myself looking at things with new eyes. The concept of choosing a few core values really gave me a solid foundation that I was already trying to build up. This book took what could have taken me months (or even years!) of work to accomplish and consolidated it into a feasible 150 pages.

I had planned on giving my copy to a friend but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna keep it instead and buy her one of her own because this book is definitely one I’m going to re-read, probably once a year as a refresher. Its really a must read for anyone who is looking for some clarity in life and would like to embrace a more simple lifestyle.

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Book Review: The Minimalist Way


  • Erica

    Thank you SO much for this review, Kim! I was beyond touched to hear about how this impacted you, and I love that we both share a deep love for the real heart of minimalism! Thank you again!

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