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One Simple Tool to Capture the Best Moments of Life

Almost 4 years ago, I splurged on tons of scrap booking supplies and printed dozens of pictures of my daughter to make her a cool scrapbook baby book. That scrapbook is still not done today and she turns 4 in February! I discovered that gathering memories in a physical scrapbook is hard, at least for me, however I have no trouble at all taking thousands of pictures and videos of my sweet girl. I have quite the collection there! But what good are they to me, just sitting on my phone? Its not like I routinely go through 5000 pictures and reminisce.

So when I discovered my new favorite tool, One Second Everyday, it was love at first sight! The 1SE app allows me to pull together a digital scrapbook of our every day lives, not just those “picture perfect” moments, that I can relive any time I want to. (Of course, I still plan on finishing that scrapbook one day but I think both will be incredible to have.)

One Simple Tool to Capture the Best Moments of Life - Simplicity Mama

How does it work?

The process is simple. Every day you record at least 1 second of your day and upload it to the app. This can be pulled from a longer video or you can even use live photos. I almost always use live photos because I get the added bonus of having a picture of the moment too! Then you pull up your app and tell it which video or picture to pull the clip from, select the one second you want to use an viola! Easy peasy.

You continue to take a clip each day and add it to your app and then at the end of the week, month or year, you have an incredible collection of snippets of your life! Not just a random slideshow of unmoving pictures, but rather a vibrant, living glimpse into your world!

This can be used to capture your kids, your pets, your adventures, a new relationship, an event or even your business. The possibilities are endless. You can choose to go in chronological order (one second each day and saved by the date) or you can do a freestyle and mash a bunch of clips into one short video (perfect for things like vacations or weddings.) Once you save it you can easily upload it to your favorite social media platform or play it at your next family event. You can even add music to your final product for extra flair!

I have used the app all year and at the end of each month I download that month’s collection of clips and upload it to my personal Facebook as my little compilation for the month. Its always a hit with my friends, especially the ones who stay busy and can’t keep up to date with every status update or picture upload. I’m pretty excited about wrapping December up and sharing my compilation for the whole year!

The best time to start with this app, if you want to chronicle the year, is to start January first. But the second best time (if you are reading this midyear) is to start right away! I was lucky enough to catch it right at the end of 2016 so I have a full year of 2017 videos and I’m looking forward to filling it up with 2018 videos next year! The app is a one time cost of $5 and trust me, its hands down the best $5 I’ve ever spent. I briefly considered being cheap and just mashing videos together myself in a free app, but I’m glad I purchased this instead because it does all the work for me. I can’t imagine what a nightmare it would have been to try to do it manually. I’ve told absolutely every one of my friends about it and not one of my friends who has downloaded it has regretted it. We all LOVE seeing each other’s collections at the end of the month!

Of course, 90% of the clips on my app are of my daughter, because, well, I’m a mom and she’s my whole world. But every so often some of our pets will take over a clip or there will be one of my husband or I. I also did a freestyle from our vacation this year, because obviously I had more than one cool clip per day, and that was super fun to share! We were able to include our friends in our little adventure without subjecting them to 200 photos uploaded to Facebook!

What does the 1SE video look like?

To give you a little preview, I’ve chosen a few of my favorite clips from 2017 and put them into a 1SE video for you to see. Check it out! (Don’t miss the epic 1 second crawdad fight with the crawdad the cat drug onto the porch!)

Some tips and tricks for using the app:

  1. Be sure you take your clips in landscape mode. Thats how the app makes the video and if you use portrait mode, the app will still make the wide landscape mode but your little portrait mode clip will be in the middle of the video with black on the sides. Not so wonderful. In the event this happens, you can download a free video editor that will allow you to crop the video down to landscape mode. It doesn’t work all the time, depending on close you are to the subject in the video but sometimes you get lucky!
  2. You can actually set a reminder within the app to remind you to take a clip every day. This is great for those of us with terrible memory.
  3. If you miss a day (or ten) that’s ok! You can pull clips from other days. Simply click on the day you need to fill the clip in for and click the icon in the top right corner and import a video or photo for that day.
  4. Take as many clips throughout the day as you can. I usually have several per day to choose from, which is good because I like variety. So for example, I don’t really want 5 days in a row of walking the dog, so I might take a video of our walk but then later in the day something more interesting may happen, so I’ll just snap that too! You can always delete extra clips.
  5. I always take the clips with my regular phone camera, not the app. First, so I can choose the clip like I mentioned above, but also so that it saved in my regular camera folder.
  6. You can always replace clips you’ve already assigned. So maybe you preview your collection for the month and you really just hate the clip from one day, just go in and swap it out for something else!
  7. In a pinch, you can also use a regular photo as a clip. It sorta just zooms in on the picture and while I don’t care for how that affects the flow, sometimes I want to remember something special that happened that day that I somehow missed getting a video of.
  8. And my favorite tip: You can actually extend it from 1 second to 1.5 seconds on each clip. I have ALL my clips set to this because I love the way the slightly longer clips feel. When you go to upload your clip and choose which part of the clip to use, you’ll see the little “play” symbol in a yellow box on the reel of your clip. Right next to it is a plus sign, also in the yellow box. Click the plus sign and it turns into a minus sign and now you are choosing what part of your clip to use for 1.5 seconds! Cool, huh?

So now that you know about this awesome tool, jump on over and download yours today!

Click here for the iPhone app

Click here for the Android app

Any questions? I’m happy to help in any way I can! Just drop me a comment here or on any of my social media!

One Comment

  • Tracy

    Wow- That’s absolutely wonderful!
    I was just thinking the other day that I wish I were taking more videos of my family as my son grows up. I made some videos piecing together older videos of when I was a baby, but it was really hard to try to organize them and decide what I wanted to use. I love that this only takes a few seconds and pieces them all together for you!
    That’s probably the main reason I don’t take more videos- I don’t like the thought of having to go through and figure out what they all are- and what to do with them. This takes away that stress!
    I loved seeing your video.

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