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My Simple Spring Capsule Wardrobe

My Simple Spring Capsule Wardrobe | When Caterpillars Fly

Capsule wardrobes seem to be all the rage right now. And with good reason! Having an organized, limited wardrobe is a great way to reduce stress by not having to worry about what to wear – without resorting to yoga pants every day. (You know, unless you WANT to wear yoga pants!)

This is my third season to try my hand at a capsule wardrobe and I am completely satisfied with out it turned out! The entire wardrobe includes 18 pieces, everything matches well together, I have tons of choices and it takes just minutes to get dressed in the morning! Today I want to share with you how I pulled this fabulous wardrobe together.

My first two attempts at capsule wardrobes, fall and winter (you can click on those links to be taken to their respective pages), were less successful than I had hoped but since they were early attempts I’m absolutely happy to write them off as learning experiences. Because of them, I was able to pull together my spring wardrobe and I’m 100% happy with it.

Now, spring in Texas is really two things: Winter and summer. Seriously. It can be 85degrees one day and 45degrees the next. Then there are a handful of brisk 65 degree days mingled in. Its even possible for it to be 45degrees in the morning and 85degrees in the afternoon. So a Texas spring wardrobe MUST be flexible. We dress in layers around here. So layering and options were really the first priorities with my spring capsule wardrobe.

The next thing that was important to me was simplicity. When I made a capsule wardrobe in the fall, I tried to have more of a “trendy” mix and match style. And it was totally fine but ended up being more work than I wanted. I wanted to be able to grab a pair of bottoms and a top and be done with it. So this time I actually leaned a little more towards a sort of uniform. Basic matching tops and then a couple of skirt/pant options. I guess it ended up being a little more mix and match than I originally anticipated but it works perfect for what I wanted!

And finally, as usual, where the item comes from is important to me. I spend my money as best I can in an effort to support the companies that make this world a better place. So I want to share the details in where the pieces came from and why I chose them.

My Simple Spring Capsule Wardrobe | When Caterpillars Fly

  • The two skirts, two of the tees and the white lacy overshirt were all bought second hand from my favorite thrift store. This thrift store funds a local women’s shelter that I personally have seen in action. They help women in need find jobs, housing and even provide furnishings for their new home. I donate many items here and its always my first place to shop!
  • The other tees I purchased from H&M. I’m not one to normally purchase new items, but I knew that it would be pretty much impossible to find matching tops at thrift stores and when I read about H&M’s sustainability initiatives and fair wage programs, I knew this was a company I would have no problem supporting. Lucky for me they had plain, natural colored tees in 95% cotton that were exactly what I’m looking for. I would link you to the shirts I bought, but H&M is very seasonal and I can no longer find them online. Here is a link to some similar shirts on Amazon for reference. And you can read more about H&M’s ethical programs here.
  • The necklace came from my monthly box from Fair Trade Friday and its my favorite necklace! The bracelet came from a similar program called Trades Of Hope. You can see the bracelet here. Both companies empower women in tough situations. Whether that’s supporting victims of sex trafficking or offering fair wages for women in third world countries, every purchase from either of these companies TRULY makes a difference in a women’s life! I wear these pieces proudly!
  • The sandals and flats came from VivoBareFoot. I have fallen in love with the VBF shoes! I’ve had issues with my feet, ankles, legs and back my entire life. At one point, I had to wear high top boots with expensive inserts in them just to keep my ankles from rolling and my feet from hurting. Then I started looking into minimalist shoes/grounding and how important it is to be barefoot and I discovered VBF and my entire body improved! Plus they are eco-friendly, treat their workers right and use sustainable practices. You can purchase shoes directly from their website or from Amazon. On Amazon, you can find my sandals here and the flats here (Sizes may be limited on Amazon) or you can purchase directly from
  • And finally, the last few items did come from some regular stores. I was unable to find exactly what I needed through my favorite sources and with a toddler in tow, I can’t spend days and weeks going through thrift stores. (Thrifting is NOT fun with a toddler!) So the jeans came from Burlington Coat Factory, the cardigan came from Kohls and the boots, surprisingly, came from Bass Pro Shop. (Go figure.) But they are all perfect for what I need.

So it came out to 18 pieces, including shoes and jewelry. Not included is any undergarments, pajamas and the few “work” clothes that I keep for working in the yard or garden or painting. And there have been a handful of days that I’ve grabbed my heavier jacket or baseball cap. So I don’t want to give the impression that I just have 18 pieces of clothes in my house. Boy, wouldn’t that be minimal! I wanted to buy a shorter sweater that would look better with my skirts (because the long one looks a tad frumpy) but I never was able to find one I liked. I’ll have to look again next year.

Here is a collage I made of all the options I have just using one shirt. The shirts are all similar so they pair nicely with any of these. I can keep it casual with no jewelry or dress it up just a bit with the necklace and bracelet. I actually wore the blue top, black/white skirt, flats and jewelry to my aunts the other day and she said “Wow, you are fancy today!” and I giggled because its just a tee and a thrifted skirt. I’ve been wearing the black and white skirt most because its warm without being hot, and its comfortable. The bright skirt is better on warmer days. And of course, some days my hair is down, somedays its in a ponytail and other days it may be half up or braided. Options!

My Simple Spring Capsule Wardrobe | When Caterpillars Fly

I’ve learned that its possible to be classy, stylish, support ethical companies and be comfortable all while keeping a minimal, simple wardrobe that eliminates the need for me to make a decision on what to wear everyday. Anytime I can streamline my life, I will!

What do you think? Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to hear your thoughts, answer any questions or even see your own wardrobe! Please feel free to leave links in the comments so I can pop over and see what you came up with! <3

My Simple Spring Capsule Wardrobe | When Caterpillars Fly

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