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Adding Joy to the To-Do List

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Oh, the to-do list. It can make you feel like a complete success or an absolute failure.

I’m personally not one for keeping a big daily notebook planner, I find that post it notes are too small, and the yellow lined notepads remind me of school, so my default to-do list for several years has been blank 3″x5″ notecards. While these have served me well for a number of years, I’m in the process of trying to add a little extra joy to my every day tasks and I realized that something a little prettier may be a big improvement in this area.

I browsed the selection at my local office supply but everything I found there were all very professional and plain. Then I jumped on Etsy and found several options that I really loved and saved many to my favorites, but I was a bit iffy about the cost for a piece of paper I would only use for one day. In the end, I elected to make my own design and have it printed locally. It was a little more budget friendly option and fit my needs just fine.

Adding Joy To The To-Do List - Simplicity Mama

I created my own template on, my favorite free graphics editor/creator, and then had the pads printed up at my local Office Depot. In my area, its about $8 for four 50-page black and white pads. It was $22 for the same ones in color. Even in color this breaks down to less than $6 per pad and you don’t have to pay for shipping. To be fair, this is more expensive than the $1.50 I spend on 100 3×5 cards but in this case, for me its worth it to feel a little better about such a mundane task.

I was really inspired by some of the ones I saw on Etsy and went with a simple flower design and then I incorporated the addition of the S-M-T-W-T-F-S at the top of the sheet. I really like that aspect because it keeps me from having to write the date at the top and I can just circle the little day. Then I just added simple lines and I kept the number of lines to 10 and I do my very best to not add more than 10 items to my list every day. If I need to add more, I start another list for another day. This keeps me from getting too overwhelmed. The end result has been absolutely perfect for me.

If creating your own isn’t your thing, I’ve linked several of my favorites on Etsy below. You can use them for inspiration or if you purchase, it supports a small business!

(Click the image of the notepads below to be taken directly to the Etsy listing. These are affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you purchase and its no extra cost to you! <3)


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