Why I Don’t Talk About Religion On My Blog

There are two things that will always have people at each other’s throats: politics and religion. Fortunately, my blog isn’t really a platform for political things so I can easily get past that, but religion is a little harder to get around.

First of all, I don’t believe in “religion” anyway. You either have a belief system or you don’t. Organized “religion” and labels are useless to me.

Second, I will in no way ever judge or shame anyone for their belief system. I believe what I believe because that is the truth I have found. Other people have had different experiences and upbringings and have seen, heard and read different things. I feel that we are all just doing the best that we can and if that takes you down a different path then that makes us different but it doesn’t give me the right to say that you are wrong. I know personally I have grown and changed and what I believe today is not what I believed 10 years ago and it doesn’t feel good for someone say that I’m wrong. I feel it invalidates everything I have experienced.

Because of these two things, I don’t really want to put a lot of my beliefs into my blog posts. You probably won’t see me share a post specifically dedicated to what I believe (well, you know, aside from this one. Ha!) But on the other hand, I am a spiritual being and everything I do in life involves my beliefs. So it would a disservice to me to keep from ever mentioning it and a disservice to you because you never get to hear my point of view.

So, lets make a pact.

I will never force my beliefs down your throat, as a reader. And you, in return, vow not to get mad at me for allowing my beliefs to be a big part of my life.


Having said all that, lets set the record on what I believe. I believe the Bible is true. I believe there is one God who created the world and is a part of our lives everyday. However, I do not believe all the things that most Christians believe. I believe many things in the Bible have been mistranslated. I believe many foundations that the Christian church stands on are misguided. So when I say that I believe the Bible, I mean, the literal words that are written in it, not what some preacher says it says. Man is fallible. And some men are corrupt.

I feel like Christianity has given the God of the Bible a bad rap. Many Christians do really bad things in His name. I personally have experienced spiritual abuse at the hands of church leaders. That spiritual abuse sent me down a very dark path in my life. I have known “good Christians” who have done unspeakably terrible things to people. And I feel that the world looks at “Christians” now with disdain – and rightfully so.

That is who I am.

The God I follow does not tolerate those behaviors. The God I follow is loving and merciful, yes, but He also expects us to be upright people. The God I follow does not permit hate speech or violence towards anyone we disagree with. Jesus said “Follow me.” and then He walked. He didn’t chase people down and beat them into submission.

And neither will I.

So yes, I have beliefs. I stand very strongly in my beliefs. I believe them to be true. But if you don’t, guess what? We can totally still be friends! I don’t ever pretend to have all the answers, especially with this topic I know I still have much to learn.

And hey, maybe we’ll even learn something new from each other! <3