A Little About Me!


My name is Kim and this is my space on the internet.

Whoa that was a little 2002 MySpace there for a minute. Now all I need is some cool music playing in the background, huh? Boy, those were the days….

Anyway, I am a 34yr old mom of two beautiful girls, 1 year and 4 years old as of this writing. I grew up in a small’ish town in Texas and I’m a country girl at heart. I’m currently transplanted just outside of the oh-so-busy city of Dallas and I am counting the days until we can move into a more rural area. I never thought I wanted to be a mom and so I was surprised when I fell so deeply in love with the job. There is nothing in my life that compares to how I feel as a mama!

I realized very quickly that I desired for my children to have simple lives, full of time spent in nature, homegrown food and no desire for the latest and greatest toys. We live in such a fast paced world of more, more, more that I really want to instill a love of less, less, less. I’m not perfect but so far its going better than I hoped! My 4 yr old has a kind heart, stops for every caterpillar or worm we see and is happy with absolutely any activity.

We live in a small home (1100sq ft) which feels just right for our family of 4 plus my husband works from home and I blog. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats and I have a small garden out my back door. We spend as much time at local parks as we can and I enjoy cooking and baking – especially with my little helpers! On the off chance that I get some child-free time I like to squeeze in some knitting or reading. I’m absolutely obsessed with learning and spend way too much time on the internet reading blogs and seeing other people’s stories. I feel like I’m not really an expert at anything but I love learning how everything fits together.

I hope we can be more than blogger and reader, I hope we can be friends. I hope you feel warm and fuzzy when you see something I post and I hope that I feel warm and fuzzy when I see you respond or share. Lets make our homes – and the world – a better place through our everyday lives. <3